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Think of us as your strategic marketing partners. We are writers, editors, strategists and designers who are passionate about helping mining companies articulate their expertise and find ways of telling their unique story. 


Whether it be design on a website, words to persuade, videos to inspire, animations to explain, strategies to bring all efforts together - We are here to help you construct your strategic marketing content. 


projects and clients.



Having worked in the mining industry since 2015, we know how to help you stand out.

We can help you freshen up your brand with a new presentation, e-mail campaigns, social media management and more.

Do you need to drive more traffic to your investor deck? Our clean, modern websites are also smart. Book a consultation or send us a message to discuss your next project.

Stadium Concrete Seats

“Lili was an absolute pleasure to work with at First Mining, where she was first introduced to the investor relations and marketing side of the mining business. She was always quick and thorough the broad range of marketing activities we ran at First Mining.”

— Derek Iwanaka,
VP Investor Relations, BeMetals Corp.

“Duetto Marketing was instrumental to Snowline’s branding and marketing as we brought the company to the world. Despite time zone differences and last-minute requests, she was always on point and thorough, bringing a positive attitude to every situation. Her knowledge of marketing and the junior mining space are sure to serve her future clients well.”

— Nikolas Matysek,
Mining Entrepreneur

“We’ve worked together on several projects and Liliana is one of the best people to have on your team. I highly recommend her marketing expertise and she is very well organized. Her ability to stay focused and see unique opportunities are great assets. She knows how to be a team player and work towards a bigger objective.”

— Scott Berdahl,
Founder & CEO, Snowline Gold Corp.


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